Client Story

IT staffing firm boosts customer NPS to 98%

With business booming, a global IT services outsourcing company turned to WorkMarket to help find quality contractor talent and improve operational efficiencies to meet customer demand.

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The Challenge

This IT staffing firm connects field service technicians to clients across the globe, leveraging a network of 2,200 independent contractors to serve 60 enterprises. The main challenge was the struggle to find reliable IT talent, especially in smaller geographies. Additional challenges revolved around the time-consuming administrative tasks to onboard and organize contractors.

Dynamic Marketplace

Easy access to top talent

Using WorkMarket's IT Field Services Marketplace, the firm was introduced to thousands of technicians with the required skills, certifications and performance ratings in the geographies they needed. They can now quickly fill more jobs in more locations while knowing they are sending quality techs they trust on-site.

“If you are trying to augment your staff with 1099 workers, WorkMarket is the platform I recommend."
~ Resource Manager

WorkMarket interface showing a list of independent contractors to be filtered by requirements
Faster Onboarding

Easy Onboarding

With WorkMarket, the company uses automated workflows to collect certification/license requirements, verify U.S. worker tax ID, and request workers to complete a background check. Workers also benefit from a seamless self-onboarding experience, which expedited the process and reduced administrative burdens for the company. This allowed them to achieve cost savings with less internal headcount dedicated to contractor management.

“It’s critical to take advantage of the full WorkMarket feature set to get more than an address book of potential workers.”
~ Resource Manager

WorkMarket interface showing onboarding requirements and talent dashboard
Meet customer demand

Better talent matching improves delivery

The company uses WorkMarket Labor Clouds to organize talent into groups based on skill sets, location and other requirements for easy identification. This allows them to quickly match talent to incoming work orders, with the confidence that they are sending quality workers on-site. In the process, they successfully trimmed their dispatch time from 3-5 days to just 1.5! They also improved the quality of their deliverables.

Client Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased from 80% to 98%

WorkMarket interface showing the screen to add requirements to a labor cloud

Why WorkMarket

When you partner with us, we’ll enable you to better manage your independent contractors and unlock new possibilities for your business.

Attract top-tier talent

A great onboarding and payment experience for workers

Meet customer demand

Quickly identify the right workers for the right jobs

Scale your business fast

Talent base grows — not administrative burden

Improve compliance

Efficiently verify and track your business requirements

Gain visibility into your workforce

Real-time analytics on contractor spend and usage

Reduce cost, drive profitability

Automated processes save time and money

Two-minute overview

Two-minute overview

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Interactive demo

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